Brady Battles Boo- Mer
Season 1, Episode 15
Brady Battles Boo- Mer
Air date January 21, 2011
Written by Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin
Directed by Linda Mendoza
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"The King and Eyes"

Brady Battles Boo-Me is the fifteenth episode of Season 1.


After watching a scary movie, Brady is convinced that the castle is haunted and sets out to prove to Boomer that ghosts exist. After hearing this, Lanny escorts Brady to a spirit shop where he asks for the wimpiest "Ghost-in-a-Can." However, Lanny deviously switches Brady's can with the ghost of Farhog the Fierce, a ruthless Viking warrior. When he unknowingly releases the dangerous ghost, Farhog possesses Boomer's body and takes over The Castle. Now, Brady must conquer his fear of ghosts in order save his brother and the island kingdom.



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  • Mason said that there was a boat of explosives coming to the island. However in the first episode, Mason told the kings that the only way to get to the island was to follow the wind currents because getting to Kinkow by boat or plane was too tricky.
  • Mason was revealed to be part squatch

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