Cooks Can Be Deceiving
Season 2, Episode 22
Air date April 09, 2012
Written by Donald Beck
Directed by Victor Gonzalez
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"The Evil King"

Cooks Can Be Deceiving is the twenty-second episode of Season 2.


The head chef quits when the kings insist that he prepare them a steak cake, a new creation they saw on TV prepared by famed celebrity chef Spatula Jones. With the 30 foot ogre about to wake up from his ten year sleep, Boomer and Brady fly in the famous chef to help them. But when Jones turns out to be a fraud with no real culinary skills, the kings must scramble to cook the special goulash, before the ogre wakes up.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Dwight Howard as Head Chef
  • Brian Norris as Spatula Jones
  • David Mark Dean as Ogre
  • Raymond Ochoa as Young Lanny


Head Chef: I'm too busy cooking for the Ogre.

Boomer: Look, cook for your family on your own time... It just came out, I think I've got a death wish.

Boomer: And I'll have the red velvet T-bone, Hold the attitude! What is wrong with me?!

Head Chef: Have you ever seen a hungry Ogre?

Boomer: That depends, when's the last time you ate?

Mikayla: What did you do with the goulash!!!!

Brady: You know when you make that squinty, judgy, snotty face... You're still hot.

Spatula Jones: I'm gonna go back, I'm gonna learn how to cook, and I'm never gonna lie again.

Brady: Wow Spatula, you know what man, that means a lot.

Spatula Jones: Just so you guys know, watch your backs, 'cause your cousin Lanny, is evil!

Brady: And the lies continue!

Boomer: Guards! Re-bag it, drag it, and get it out of here!




  • This episode came first on Brazil
  • This is the first episode to have Boomer mentioning the TV-Show. Second being a Season 3 Episode.

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