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Do over watch

The Do Over Watch is a watch that can reverse a king's day to the morning and they can do what ever they want and do it over. It works by saying "Do Over".


The watch somehow got into a box that was washed ashore by a storm that Brady and Boomer found and used to reset the days to impress Mikayla and embarrass Mason. However, due to a party and Boomer leaving his shorts in their room, the Tarantula People took over and their Tarantula Shaman wore the shorts. Mason recovered it and the day was reset. Boomer threw it into the ocean and Brady threw Boomer's party pants, but they later realized they needed it and jumped in to get it. (Do Over)


The Do over watch was found on a beach with a lot of other objects that the tide brought in. Brady and Boomer found it in a box. The box side "Too much time can be a dangerous thing, even for a royal King". Inside, the do over watch looks like an old grandfather clock.

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