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"Kinkow belongs to Farhog the Fierce!"

- Farhog the Fierce

Farhod the Fierce
Biographical information

  • 10th century

  • Dead (imprisoned)
  • Viking warrior
  • King of Kinkow (briefly)

  • Human (formerly)
  • Ghost

  • Male
Family information
Family members
Played by

  • Patrick Gallagher
First seen


Farhog the Fierce is the ghost of a Viking warrior


Farhog was born over a thousand years ago, somewhere in Scandinavia. About a thousand years ago he attacked Kinkow, planning to take over it. However, he failed and perished.

Some how over the centuries he came into the possession of June. When Brady went with Lanny to by a ghost to prove to Boomer they existed, Lanny tricked him into buying the Viking ghost, who attacked him and Boomer. He possessed Boomer after learning he was the king.

Brady went back in and talked to him, at first unaware of the event. He was quickly scared off. Mason led the guards in to get him, only for him to prove too powerful. He enslaved them and Lanny, who realized he was out of his depth. Brady went back to the June, who sold him an anti-ghost suit that was sprinkles of dark magic to repel ghost and to make his shoulders look big, a spell to defeat him, and a special canister/can to recapture the Viking ghost but only if the ghost comes out of Boomer.

Brady lured him out of The Castle. Farhog attacked, only for the suit to repel him. Brady tried to read the spell, but he telekinetically flung it away. Brady then managed to force him to leave Boomer's body by making a challenge: If he left Boomer, he would take off his magic suit. Farhog complied and attacked Brady. Brady was able to hold him off, and finally defeat him, when he dodged his axe and grabbed the canister, imprisoning him once more and freeing the kingdom. (Brady Battles Boo- Mer)


Farhog was shown to be ruthless, cruel, barbaric, greedy and fearsome. He strived to conquer Kinkow, and would kill anyone who stood in his path. He was also shown to be quite arrogant, as he underestimated Brady in combat which lead to his downfall.


Farhog is a skilled fighter with an Sledgehammer like axe, able to out-fight eight of the guards including Mason at the same time. Despite his great size, he is able to move with great speed and agility. He was also able strong enough to break Brady's bo-staff in half and take out stronger guards.

As a ghost he posses supernatural powers, like possession and telekinesis. When he posses a person the victim won't remember anything they did before or after they were overshadowed. Being a ghost, Farhog might also possibly abilities like Teleportation, Flight/Levitation, Invisibility, and Intangibility, as despite being a noncorporeal being Farhog seems to turn tangible to interact with the living, as seen for a brief time during his battle with Brady.


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