Heart and Troll
Season 3, Episode 6
128034 2230
Air date July 30, 2012
Written by Don Beck
Directed by Adam Weissman
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Heart and Troll is the sixth episode of Season 3.


Boz tries to prove to his ex-girlfriend, Sasha that his life is better without her by putting on a big charade portraying an impossibly amazing life, complete with his own servant (Boomer), a magical troll that grants wishes (Lanny) and a pet Sasquatch (Mason). Unbeknownst to the kings, she doesn't actually care about Boz and is only there to take the riches he made up, including Boomer and Lanny.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Hayley Hasselhoff as Sasha
  • Blaise Embry as Morris


Sasha: Co-king? Is that like half the king? Did you read my e-mail? I'm a queen, full-queen!

Boz: Oh yeah? He actually like me so much that he stepped down and made me full-king.

Boomer: Excuse me?

Boz: Now he's my personal assistant.

Boomer: I said excuse me?

Boz: What do we gonna do?

Boomer: You tell me fool-king!

Boz: It's full-king.

Boomer: Is it?

Boz: Mikayla we're breaking up.

Mikayla: Sweet!

Boz: She's dying inside...


Pair Of Kings Heart and Troll Promo

Pair Of Kings Heart and Troll Promo


Pair of Kings S03E07 Heart and Troll - part 1

Pair of Kings S03E07 Heart and Troll - part 1

Part 1


  • Sasha is arrested, and taken to the dungeon


  • Boz was about to break The Vase but he changed his mind.
  • Boz's girlfriend looks nothing like Mikayla, even though he says that she does. Multiple people point out that the two have no similarities.

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