How I Met Your Brother
Season 2, Episode 7
Pair Of Kings S02E08 How I Met Your Brother 149
Air date August 8, 2011
Written by Donald Beck
Directed by Joel Zwick
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"The One About Mikayla's Friends"

How I Met Your Brother is the seventh episode of Season 2.


It's Mikayla's birthday and Mason's brother Jason visits, but Mason isn't so welcoming due to an incident that occurred when they were kids. When the kings make Jason head guard, Mason quits and drowns his sorrows in eating and becomes fat to bring a character from childhood ,his belly named Todd, which talks. When the Tarantula People try to roast Boomer alive, Jason cowardly runs off and it's up to Brady to convince Mason to come back and save Boomer. When Mason arrives, he and King Brady are captured by Tarantula People. Then Jason's water scooter falls on two Tarantula People, and Jason falls on the other two. Mason and his brother get along again.



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Pair Of Kings - How I Met Your Brother (funny moments)

Pair Of Kings - How I Met Your Brother (funny moments)

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  • The episode title is a parody of the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

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