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King Kunu And Queen Annabella Of Kinkow.jpg
King Kunu and Queen Annabella
Biographical information



Deceased (both killed by Kaita The Bat-Rider)


King and Queen of Kinkow (formerly)


Human (formerly)


Male (King Kunu)
Female (Queen Annabella)

Family information
Family members

Brady Parker (son)
Boomer Parker (son)
Boz Parker (son)
Lanny Parker (nephew)
Aunt Nancy (sister of Queen Annabella)
Uncle Bill (brother-in-law of Queen Annabella)

First seen

Return of the Kings

Last seen

Long Live the Kings


King Kunu and Queen Annabella was Brady, Boomer and Boz's parents and Lanny's aunt and uncle.


Queen Annabella was an explorer and archaeologist from America, who was allowed, by the island, to reach its shores. While there, she discovered many priceless artifacts, and after discovering half of the Zadoc Wheel, she met King Kunu. The two fell in love and were married, Annabella became queen and gave birth to her triplet sons, Boomer, Brady, and Boz. (Mysteries of Kinkow)

During the Tarantula Wars, the King and Queen ordered the royal triplets to be sent off the island to live with their aunt and uncle in Chicago for safety, but a storm rolled in and struck the boat, causing Boz to be washed overboard and land on the island of Mindu, where he was adopted by a family of apes until he was ten.

King Kunu took on Kaita and the Tarantula People on his own, but was killed. Queen Annabella was probably killed shortly before or after Kunu. (Long Live the Kings)

Brady and Boomer managed to reach Chicago and both lived normal lives until learning of their heritage at age 16.


King Kunu

  • Leadership: As the King of Kinkow, King Kunu was a great leader of his time, he taught Mason everything he knew. King Kunu was also very wise man as Mason used some of his wisdom to guide his sons to be kings. This trait was even passed to his sons Brady and Boomer who lead each other and later the whole island to victory.
  • The Chime: Like every king before him, King Kunu had "The Chime". This was inherited to his son Brady, but not his sons Boomer and Boz.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: King Kunu was in his time the best warrior in the island (Fight School). He was skilled in Swordsmanship and it was shown he fought over a hundred Tarantula People that seemed to be an army (Kings of Legend). He even fought the who Tarantula army and Kaita the Bat Rider before he was outmatch and killed by the lateral. However it possible Kati had help from his Tarantula People since being in his mummy form is easily to destroy.

Queen Annabella

  • Expert Archaeologist: Queen Annabella was a skilled explorer and archeologist. When she arrived on Kinkow she found a lot of priceless treasures, including the first half of the Zadoc's Wheel. However she couldn't find the other half of it until someone else did.


Amir Arison as King Kunu[1]

Tara R. Cook as Queen Annabella



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  • Parker (Brady, Boomer and Boz's surname) is King Kunu's surname. We know this because Lanny has the same surname as Brady, Boomer, and Boz, and he is King Kunu and Queen Annabella's nephew. This makes Lanny, Brady, Boomer and Boz's paternal cousin.
  • Brady inhered the resemblance of Kunu and boomer of annabella.