King vs. Wild
Season 3, Episode 12
King vs.Wild132
Air date October 15, 2012
Written by Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes
Directed by Leonard R. Garner, Jr.
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King vs. Wild is the twelfth episode of Season 3.


After all that Boomer has taught Boz about living in the civilized world, Boz decides to address Boomer's lack of survival skills and forces him to go camping. Although Boomer is resistant at first, he has no choice but to become a fast learner and use his newfound skills when the camping trip goes awry, and he needs to help Boz fight for their lives against a jungle werewolf. Meanwhile, when Mikayla wears Boz's King Ring as a toe ring, it becomes stuck on her toe and she learns that only a royal can remove the ring. Of course, there is only one more royal in the building.



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  • We learn that when Boomer was 5, Aunt Nancy let him make a sandwich, which caused a fire, and made the family stay at a motel for a year.
  • Even though Lanny is king of Lanada, he is still consider prince of Kinkow due to him being able to remove the King Ring off Mikayla's toe.
  • A refence from Lord of the Ring is made in this episode.
  • The title is a parody of the show "Man vs. wild"
  • Judging by the way he mistook a camping tent for a circus tent, it ois believe Boz was offered to join the circus.

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