Kings of Thieves
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date July 18, 2011
Written by Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin
Directed by Robbie Countryman
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"An Ice Girl for Boomer"

Kings of Thieves is the fourth episode of Season 2.


When the Kings' over-the-top spending causes a monetary crisis on Kinkow, Lanny has the islanders pay mandatory donations to the kings. Buying time until they find a better solution to fix the crisis, Brady and Boomer disguise themselves as bandits Sirocco and Sirocco Taco, stealing the kingdom's donations and returning the money to the public. Sirocco becomes an instant hit with the Kinkowians, especially Mikayla. She begins to fall for Sirocco but doesn't realize he is Brady. With criminals on the loose, the Kinkowians start to get angry and the kings must find a way to restore the island's fortune, capture the 'criminals' and win back their kingdom's support.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Eve Sigall as Old Hag

Guest Cast

  • John O'Hurley as Narrator


Boomer: "Sweet Selena Gomez!"

Boomer: "Stupid clothes! Why don't they come with instructions!?"

Boomer: "So you're just going to be Sirocco for halloween. You might as well be doing some push-ups there, chicken arms. People might think you're gonna be Sirrocco's daughter."




  • The title is a parody of the 2004 film, King of Thieves.
  • Sirocco is also a parody of Robin Hood

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