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Kinkow is the tropical island that Boz and Boomer — and before Boz and before Brady left— are kings of. There are many fictional creatures on this island. It has several tribes and Kingdoms on the island. Some, such as the Flaji, recognize that they are part of the Kingdom of Kinkow, and recognize its sovereignty over them, while other tribes, such as the Tarantula People, claim that Kinkow belongs to them and do not obey or recognize the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Kinkow. By most foreigners, The Kingdom of Kinkow is the true sovereign state, and the Tarantula People are just a small, rebellious tribe within the kingdom.


The island was formed mysteriously over 50,000 years ago, by a chain of undersea volcanoes. Deep beneath its surface is a massive deposit of precious gems, this gem core is said to be responsible for Kinkow's unique magical properties, such as the island not showing up on radar scans.

Years ago, Mount Spew erupted, scattering pieces of the gem all over the island. These stones became the ruby of Giki-Kiki and the sacred stones of the five tribes of Kinkow. There are actually 6 tribes that have each gem but the Tarantula People don’t recognize Kinkow as everyone’s.

The energy can repel and attract, it flows through everything on the island, and is strongest in a triangular formation around Kinkow, it controls the weather, which keeps the island safe from the outside world.

The island itself seems to be somewhat sentient, as it is stated to "allow" and "want" people to be there. It was said that the island "wanted" Boomer and Brady to be there and "allowed" their mother, an explorer from America, to reach their shores. (Mysteries of Kinkow)

Areas of Kinkow

There were some known locations on Kinkow:

  • Royal Palace
  • Village
  • Squonk Caverns - A series of underground caves where the Squonks live.
  • Ice Cave - A frozen cave from An Ice Girl for Boomer where two cave people were originally frozen before a heat wave thawed them out.
  • Mount Spew - The island's volcano.
  • Lanada- The kings (Boomer and Boz) gave Lanny a tiny island on Kinkow's main river.

Tribes and political issues

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  • Tribes that recognize the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Kinkow and are part of it.

Tribes who claim part of the island is there own or do not recognize the sovereignty of the Kingdom

  • Tarantula People
  • Lanada - they claim that the island of Lanada, a satellite island of Kinkow, is independent, however, The Kingdom of Kinkow does not recognize Lanada and claims the island as part of the Kingdom.


Kinkow was, initially, a diarchy (system of government in which there are two rulers), but, after the events between the first twin kings, became a monarchy (a system in which a sole person rules) and had remained as such until Boomer and Brady returned to the island and were both crowned, then, it went back to being a diarchy (Return of the Kings parts 1 & 2).

It is never stated who took over as a regent (person or group of people assigned to take care of the royal affairs while the heir is unfit to rule) during the ten-year period after King Kunu and Queen Annabella's death and before Princes Boomer, Brady, or Lanny came of age. Although, it can be assumed that Mason and the elders were the regents, as it's revealed in Dinner For Squonks that, even after Boomer and Brady were crowned, they remained making the decisions until they came of age, however, secretly.

The Kings' reign is absolute and neither king is able to law or outlaw anything without the other's approval.

In season two, Lanny ruled for a brief period of time (Kings of Legend, parts 1 & 2), forfeiting the throne back to Brady and Boomer in order to save his life. And, in season three, Brady left and was soon replace by Boz, their long lost brother who came to Kinkow with his remaining subjects after the island he ruled, Mindu, sank. As of the end of the show, Kinkow remained a diarchy, with Boomer and Boz in power. It is unknown, however, if, in the event of him returning, Brady would rule with Boomer and Boz (making Kinkow have a triarchy/triunvirato/troika government system) or if his leaving would be seen as forfeiting the throne (thus, causing him to not be king anymore).