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Eight islands, including Kinkow, sit in the Kalooki sea.


The Island Kinkow.

Kinkow is an island with many kingdoms and tribes. It is in the shape of a swirl or spiral. Over 50,000 years ago, it formed mysteriously by chain of underwater volcanoes. And deep beneath the island, there is a massively sized gem, that is said to be the reason for Kinkow's  unique magic, such not being able to be detected by raider scans. Later on, (this happened years ago) Mount Spew erupted, scattering pieces of the gem all over the island. These stones became ruby of Giki-Kiki and the sacred stone of the five tribes were created.

Kinkowian Facts


Mindu is the island of King Boz's origin. It sank in the storm that brought King Boz.

  • In the episode 'Dancing With the Scars' King Boz revealed that they had a island clog day, which is when one of his bad memories takes place.
  • The citizens of Mindu moved to Kinkow, the closest island they could get to.
  • Minduians are 'Violent Huggers'.

Kippi Kippi

Kippi Kippi is a small island near Kinkow.

  • Mikayla states that the island has a new hospital.
  • In the episode Junga Ball, they play a game of Junga Ball against Kinkow. They have Junga Ball uniforms with a yellow Chinese Dragon on them.


Sununu is an island near Kinkow. They aren't good friends with Kinkow after they thought Boomer and Brady caused the curse.

Sunnuian Facts

  • Two Twin Queens rule this Island, Queens Hesta and Desta.
  • The whole island once had a curse of stupidity because of this statue, but the curse was removed.
  • Mikayla mentions that Sununu and Kinkow don't talk with each other.


An island that Mikayla states is building a university.

Lakunan Facts


Cornea is an island near Kinkow, inhabited by Tryclopses. Hundreds of years ago, a King of Kinkow dissed a Queen of Cornea when they we're together (like dating). So hundreds of years later, in 2011, to fix the couple hundred year old problem, one of the Kings would have to date Princess Iris. The Kings were shocked when they saw the Princess's third eye. Then, they realized that they both want her. The Princess didn't like this when Boomer and Brady had to do The Forth Wheel Contest. The island lent a bottle of Bojo Sauce as an apology.

Cornean Facts

  • An unnamed king rules the island.
  • The island is famous for it's Bojo Sauce.
  • Originally, The Kings were going to have to date Princess Iris from Cornea as part of a treaty.


Lanada is a small island in the Kinkow River, but now independent from Kinkow. King Boz and King Boomer gave the island to Lanny as gift, because they thought that Lanny hated King Boomer and King Boz for stealing Lanny's muffin. Without knowing, The Golden Gopher was, which was the reason for Kinkow's Riches.

Landian Facts

  • Lanny was the King of Lanada
  • The island's salute is a capital L with your hand on your forehead, also this means Loser. Lanny didn't know this.
  • Catawampus, is Lanny's Head of Security, says that hunting Lanadian Wildlife is illegal.
  • Lanny is shown as a tyrant, making everyone do as he says and immediately throwing them in the dungeon if disobeyed or bothered King Lanny.
  • The name Lanada is a parody of the name of Canada.

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