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Long Live The Kings
Season 3, Episode 21-22
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Air date February 18, 2013
Written by David Hoge & Dan Cross
Directed by David Kendall
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Long Live The Kings is the twenty-first episode in Season 3. This is the finale of Pair of Kings. Despite Save the island.


When the Mummy returns as Kaita the Bat Rider, Boomer and Boz must battle him, and fulfill the prophecy as Kings of Legend.


Part 1

The Bat Medallion that Boz left in Rebecca's apartment drags Rebecca to Kinkow. When Mikayla confiscates the Bat Medallion, Kutamungo captures her and the Bat Medallion in order to revive the Tarantula People's leader, Kaita the Bat-Rider. The Kings fear of Kaita the Bat-Rider turns into revenge when they discover that the evil Kaita is responsible for their father's death. 

Part 2

With Kaita the Bat-Rider at large with his army of 100,000 undead zombies, Mason and Mikayla use the forcefield to come up with a counter-attack against Kaita's army. Boomer and Boz also have an encounter with the ghosts of their parents, who encourage them to use their bond to defeat Kaita. 


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Damion Poitier as Kaita (Replacing Douglas Tait's character of the Mummy).


Mikayla:"You guys were awesome, and that was not dumb luck."

Boomer:(To Kaita) You may destroy my brother and I, but you'll never destroy the spirit of this island. Look around. (Kaita then sees Flaji, Dirt Fairies, Squonks, Yeti, and Nanju coming to Help Boomer and Boz with Their Battle.) Squonk Queen: sorry we're late Kings


Boomer: Alright, look, you've hurt enough of the people I love. Let's do this.

Mikayla: King Boomer, he's too strong.

Boomer: Look, I've been in my share of fights on Kinkow. I've learned a thing or two.



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  • It is shown that Rebecca, same as Mary Ann, can frizz up her hair when in Tarantula mode.
  • The Razor Hawk returns with a new look.
  • Boomer and Boz are the Kings of Legend and bring peace to Kinkow, thus ending the series.
  • Boz was thought to have sweared in this episode, but he said walking dust mat, not a swear word.
  • Many people believed that Brady would return, but he didn't.
  • Several things are left unanswered in the finale, such as Yamakoshi, Brady, The Lady Of The Cave's painting of Boomer and Brady, and the fact that since the Dark Side was so close to The Castle, Zadoc should also be free from the stone.