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King Malakai
Biographical information
  • Deceased
  • King of Kinkow (formerly)
  • Ghost
  • Human
  • Male
Family information
Family members
Played by

Bobby Ray Shafer

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King Malakai was the first king of Kinkow and King Kalakai's twin brother.


Malakai and Kalakai were basically like their descendants Boomer and Brady. They were best of friends until Kalakai turned evil and they dueled until they fell into the chamber of Mason Makoola's ancestors. Kalakai raised his sword to kill Malakai, but the ancient Makoolas stopped him, so Kalakai fled and created the Dark side. Due to Malakai's pride getting in the way the twin brothers fought for years dividing Kinkow in the process. A one point, Malakai later went to the dark side and turned him into a fish, though he later died.

He placed his chamber behind the painting of Brady, Boomer, and Boz's Parents and it was unlocked by Brady and Boomer through their King Rings and he told them about Kalakai. He told them to find Kalakai and later watched Boomer and Brady's fight. He later summoned Boomer and told him how to get back the King Rings and to not to repeat the same mistake as he did. (The Evil King)


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