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Mikalya as a mermaid

The mermaids are creatures on Kinkow. Their names start with a vowel. They wanted the kings to carry them to The Castle, giving them legs so they could take over. If they touch sea water at any time, they will turn back into mermaids. This cycle can repeat. The Mermaids turned Mikayla  into a mermaid. They have evil magical powers. Amazonia, the blue mermaid fell in love with Lanny.

List of Mermaids

  • Aerosol - An evil orange mermaid with brown hair. She is devious like Lanny, is their leader. She was portrayed by Leslie-Anne Huff.
  • Amazonia - A blue mermaid with blonde hair. She fell in love with Lanny but is very stupid.
  • Amnesia - A pink mermaid with red hair.
  • Ammonia - A gold mermaid .
  • Onomatopoeia - A yellow mermaid.
  • Mikayla was turned into a mermaid. It is unknown if Mikayla turns back into a mermaid when she touches seawater.
  • An unnamed mermaid with a pink/purple tail was seen on the jury in "Let The Clips Show" Boomer addressed her as "Lady".

Powers and abilities

  • "Siren Song" - Gives mermaids the ability to control men.
  • Mermaids can turn other women into mermaids.
  • Mermaids have the ability to breath under water.
  • Mermaids can bewitch people.


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