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Mr. Boogey
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Alive, in captivity.


Brady and Boomer's pet


Kinkowian Bogsloth



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Douglas Tait


Mr. Boogey is a Kinkowian Bogsloth named by Boomer Parker in Mr. Boogey Shoes. Like all Bogsloths, he has a cloaking ability called Invisibility and is attracted to stinky things, especially Brady's "powerful foot odor," as Boomer says.


When Mason Makoola was a young guard, he was sent to the Parker's apartment in Chicago because Nancy needed Brady's baby shoes so she could have them bronzed. They smelled horrible, attracting Mr. Boogey immediately, who turned invisible and hitched a ride on Mason's balloon.

After Mason gave Nancy the baby shoes, he went to go check on the kings who were still asleep to see if anything had happened while he was there. He saw that nothing happened and jumped back down into the balloon. Mr. Boogey jumped through the window seconds after, not knowing that Mason had noticed and ran through the front door.

Mr. Boogey tried to attack Brady, but Boomer grabbed Brady's 'Air Dwarkins', which were shoes that made fart noises when you walk, and attacked Mr. Boogey with them. Mr. Boogey was attracted to them, and kept trying to pull them away. Boomer was able to make sure he didn't take them. Then Mason covered Boomer with a blanket and pushed him back onto the bed. He captured Mr. Boogey and took him back to Kinkow on the balloon. Neither Brady nor Boomer saw what was going on in the fight with Mason, but Boomer always blamed Mr. Boogey for ripping up Brady's shoes. Brady said that Boomer was just jealous.

Once Mason got Mr. Boogey back to Kinkow, Mr. Boogey beat him up and ran off to the jungle.

Many years later, when Boomer and Brady were kings, Boomer and Mason went out and set a trap using Brady's smelliest shoes as bait to catch Mr. Boogey. When Mason was hiding in the bushes, Mr. Boogey grabbed him and took him away because after touching the shoes, his hands got smelly.

Boomer is dethroned but later he explains to Lanny what is going on, so Lanny tells him to go to the Valley of Death to stop Mr. Boogey. He tries to find some of Brady's shoes to use as bait, but gets trapped by Brady. He is able to get Brady to take the net off of him then throws it on Brady, and takes him to the jungle to use his feet as bait. Mr. Boogey shows up and starts licking Brady's feet but Mason defeats him. Mr. Boogey is captured and becomes Boomer and Brady's pet. (Mr. Boogey Shoes)


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