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Aunt Nancy
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  • 1975

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  • Human

  • Female
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Nancy is the aunt of Brady, Boomer, Boz She is Annabella`s sister and is married to Bill, the boys uncle. She seems to care for Kinkow. She did not know about the Waka Waka Bugs and other creatures looming around the island.

Like Bill, she has not been seen since Season One.

Season 1

When it was time for Boomer and Brady to return to Kinkow, she talked with Mason in the apartment. She told Boomer and Brady that she and Bill would not be coming to Kinkow with them. (Return of the Kings)

She and Bill visited Kinkow after Brady and Boomer accidentally told them about the foes across the island. They almost brought them back when they found out Brady was suffering from Waka symptoms. However, the kings convinced Nancy and Bill to let them stay. Nancy made Brady and Boomer put the Tarantula People gravestones back on their rightful places, and then left. (The Bite Stuff)

Season 2

She appeared in a flashback in Let The Clips Show.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Her surname is unknown.
  • It is not known whether she and Bill have children.
  • She has probably don’t meet the existence of Boz, wich is weird because Nancy and his sister they where very close, although she is obviously only close with Brady and boomer.
  • Mason seemed to fear her slightly, constantly trying to please her.
  • It is not known who is the older sister between Annabella and Nancy.
  • She is very protective of Brady and Boomer and even came to fetch them with Bill, after finding out about the dangers of Kinkow. This is because of her promise to her sister that she would keep their safe.

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