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A Razor Hawk mother throwing up her food

The Razor Hawks are giant, pterodactyl-like birds that terrorize the countryside of Kinkow. They have razor sharp talons that can pick up something as big as a cow, but they are far sighted and when closing up on a human, they can be tricked into thinking it's their baby. They nest up on high places, and have eggs almost as big as Boomer Parker. The mothers feed their babies by throwing up their own food into the babies' mouths. Baby Razor Hawks eat the first thing they see after cracking out of their eggs.


Razor Hawks are described by Hilo Tutuki, who had become King-For-A-Day in a contest, as being large pre-time birds that are extremely dangerous. When Hilo went out searching for one, the mother grabbed him and took him to her nest. The mother is seen in the nest sitting on the kings, who told Hilo that they had it under control. The next day she came back and threw up her food on the kings, as she thought they were her babies. After she left, one of her triplet babies broke free of it's egg. The mother later carried Lanny Parker away to a new nest, after Lanny called her stupid. (The Kings Beneath My Wings)

A Razor Hawk threw up on Brady Parker and Mikayla Makoola on a beach where Brady had planned a picnic. This was repeated over and over as Brady repeatedly used the Do Over watch to do over the day. Lastly it threw up on the beach alone as they did not appear on the beach at the last time, being at The Castle partying. (Do Over)

The female Razor Hawk was called by Boz Parker as an aid for he and Boomer to fly to the different tribes and speak with them. She also helped them try and defeat Kaita The Bat-Rider in the air, and made a lot of different cool moves, spinning around, dropping and flying up. She then dropped off Boomer and Boz and flew away. (Long Live The Kings)


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