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Paka Tui (father)

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Pair of Prom Kings

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Long Live The Kings


Rebecca Dawson (commonly known as Awesome Dawson) is one of the most popular girls at Brady and Boomer's old school and is Boomer's girlfriend.


Boomer believed that Rebecca had promised to be his prom date. At the prom, he discovered that she had never agreed to the date. However, they ended up dancing together. They then started dating. (Pair of Prom Kings)

After a video chat, Boomer thought that Brady had ruined their relationship. Rebecca ended up coming to visit Boomer, but had to face the wrath of a cave girl. (An Ice Girl for Boomer)

Later, Boomer received a letter from Rebecca telling him that she was breaking up with him as he wasn't mature. (The Young and the Restless)

However, she got back together with Boomer at some point, and visited Kinkow on his birthday. (Bond of Brothers)

Rebecca's father found out about her visits to Kinkow and banned her from seeing Boomer. Boomer, Boz, and Mikayla traveled to Chicago to plead their case, but were attacked by Mary Ann and some  Tarantula Warriors.

During the battle, it was revealed that Mr. Dawson is actually Paka Tui, an exiled Tarantula Shaman who was part of a group who didn't agree with their people's violent ways, and sought refuge with Boomer's parents. Boomer's parents helped them escape to Chicago. The real reason he didn't want Rebecca and Boomer to date was that if the Tarantula People discovered she was the daughter of a traitor, they would kill her. In order to keep her safe, her father and Boomer used amnesia powder to make her forget everything about Kinkow and dating Boomer. However, she later found the Bat Medallion. (Meet the Parent)

The Bat Medallion dragged Rebecca to Kinkow. When Rebecca was on a balloon to leave for Chicago, she started remembering everything about Kinkow and dating Boomer while looking at the photo that she gave Boomer on his birthday. She helped the kings defeat Kaita the Bat Rider. She then rekindled her relationship with Boomer. (Long Live The Kings)


  • Hand-to-hand combat: In one episode, Rebecca stated that the island dangers was tapping into her inner girl power, as she threw a machete at Lanny by accident. It later releveled that she is a Tarantula Person through her father and possibly her mother. She stated she was trained in archery camp which makes her a skilled archer, as she shot three arrows that hit three coconuts with all three arrows hitting a coconut in one direct hit. It is implied that she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as she kick The Vase across the room. Being a cheerleader Rebecca is very agile and flexible, able to do multiple cartwheels that allowed her to dodge Katia's spear.
  • Hair changing flip: Rebecca has the ability to change her hairstyle instantly, from straight to crazy and vice versa, although this is a normal Tarantula girl power. Even before she was mind wiped, she didn't realize that this was part of her Tarantula heritage and thought she was using the wrong hair cologne.


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Boomer Parker

Boomer and Rebecca

Rebecca is currently Boomer's girlfriend. They have dated since the episode Pair of Prom Kings, in which Boomer saved her from a Tarantula person. They broke up in The Young and the Restless, because Rebecca claimed Boomer was immature; but were reunited in Bond of Brothers, and it was implied that they started dating again.

Brady Parker

Through out their interactions Brady and Rebecca seem to get along find.

Mikayla Makoola

In their interactions Mikayla and Rebecca get along find and she help Mikayla fight the zombies in the season finale.


  • She used to call Boomer "Booger", and she now calls him Boomy bear.
  • She is currently Boomer's girlfriend.


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