Season Three

June 18, 2012 - February 18, 2013

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In December 2011, the series was renewed for a third season, however Disney announced that Musso would be replaced with actor Adam Hicks who has worked with Disney on previous projects such as Zeke and Luther. The third season debuted in June 2012. On November 3, 2012 Adam Hicks confirmed that Pair Of Kings wasn't renewed for a fourth season.

Season Summary

Brady goes back to Chicago as he feels he is not mature enough to deal with being a king or to be Mikayla's boyfriend. King Boz of Mindu (who is revealed to be Boomer and Brady´s long lost triplet) comes to Kinkow because of a terrible storm that sank his island. Boomer has to get used to Boz, and Boz has to get used to Kinkowian life.


Main Cast


  • A new character Boz (portrayed by Adam Hicks) turns out as a long lost brother of Brady and Boomer.
  • Mitchel Musso who portrayed Brady wasn't part of the main cast this season.

Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Boz-meets-boomer-pok-08 The New King Writer: Dan Cross, Dave Hoge Director: David Kendall June 18, 2012 #3x01
Boomer tries to follow Brady when he learns that he has left the island for good, but a storm forces him to stay behind. That same storm sinks a nearby island, sending its inhabitants to Kinkow, including their king who turns out to be Boomer’s long lost triplet brother, Boz.

Vlcsnap-2012-07-04-10h30m20s233 Two Kings and a Devil Baby Writer: Matt Wickline Director: Linda Mendoza July 2, 2012 #3x02
When Boz defies Boomer's warnings and goes to the Dark Side, he finds a baby and brings it home, only to discover the Tarantula People are threatening war because someone has stolen their baby prince. Boomer and Boz must learn to work together and return the feral, hissing, highly mobile baby to the Tarantula People before war breaks out.

Pair-of-kings-fatal-distraction-4 Fatal Distraction Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: David Kendall July 9, 2012 #3x03
When Boomer and Boz tarnish Mikayla’s first chance of beating Mason for “Guard of the Year,” they feel guilty and secretly set out to help her win the coveted award by putting themselves in danger. When their attempt fails, they try to distract Mason and give Mikayla an edge by setting him up with a pretty girl, who turns out to be his ex-girlfriend that wreaks havoc on Kinkow.

Wet hot kinkowan 01 Wet Hot Kinkowan Summer Writer: Lisa Muse Bryant Director: Adam Weissman July 16, 2012 #3x04
Boomer, sick of Mikayla's awkwardness and overall lack of coolness, decides a summer vacation cruise with the rest of the island's teens could be just the ticket to make her more popular. But when Boz unknowingly steers the ship into the Dark Side waters, the only teens Mikayla befriends are undercover amphibious creatures that have snuck aboard in search of live offerings for their swamp dwelling overlord, a massive bullfrog. When the summer vacation goes awry, the kings and the rest of the teens have to rely on Mikayla to save them.

Ryan-ochoa-king-pok-02 O Lanada Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: Sean Mulcahy July 23, 2012 #3x05
When Boomer and Boz find out Lanny is mad at them, they buy him his own island to rule. But when Mikayla informs the Kings that the secret source of their wealth lives on that island, a gopher that naturally produces gold, they must try to get the gopher back without Lanny ever being the wiser.

128034 2230 Heart and Troll Writer: Donald Beck Director: Adam Weissman July 30, 2012 #3x06
Boz tries to prove to his ex-girlfriend that his life is better without her by putting on a big charade portraying an impossibly amazing life, complete with his own servant (Boomer), a magical troll that grants wishes (Lanny) and a pet Sasquatch (Mason). Unbeknownst to the kings, she doesn't actually care about Boz and is only there to take the riches he made up, including Boomer and Lanny.

Karan-brar-pair-kings-02 I Know What You Did Last Sunday Writer: Donald Beck Director: Rich Correll September 10, 2012 #3x07
Having heard all about Boomer's legendary achievements on Kinkow, Boz feels the pressure to be an equally great leader. But, his goal is hampered when a twelve-year-old pest (Karan Brar) shows up from Boz's past with a devastating secret that could ruin his reputation.

VPqLR Lord of the Fries Writer: Lisa Muse Bryant Director: Lenny Garner September 17, 2012 #3x08
When one of the Kings' stunts gets Mikayla suspended, the boys refuse to take responsibility. Mikayla calls them horrible bosses, quits her job as their protector and takes a job at a local fast food restaurant. When the Kings' attempts to get her back fail, they buy the restaurant and become her bosses all over again.

Pairofkingss03e10dancin Dancing With the Scars Writer: Pat Bullard Director: Robbie Countryman September 24, 2012 #3x09
Boomer wants Boz to enter a dance contest with him but learns his brother's moves are horrific.

POK I'm Gonna Git You, Sponge Sucka Writer: Dan Cross & David Hoge Director: Leonard R. Garner, Jr. October 1, 2012 #3x10
When Mason thinks Boomer's club is too rowdy, he takes over as head bouncer, but starts to keep the party out. In order to get Mason away from the club, the Kings lead him on a wild goose chase, leaving the club wide open and vulnerable to a mythical human-like sponge creature named Damone (played by WWE's "The Miz"), who absorbs everyone's confidence.

POK-Bond.of.Brothers01 Bond of Brothers Writer: Lisa Muse Bryant Director: Ken Ceizler October 8, 2012 #3x11
Boomer and Boz are each granted one wish on their birthday. Boomer wishes for the island to be danger-free and Boz wishes for the two to be closer, but gets more than he bargained for when they become magnetically attached.

King vs.Wild132 King vs. Wild Writer: Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes Director: Leonard R. Garner, Jr. October 15, 2012 #3x12
After all that Boomer has taught Boz about living in the civilized world, Boz decides to address Boomer's lack of survival skills and forces him to go camping. Although Boomer is resistant at first, he has no choice but to become a fast learner and use his newfound skills when the camping trip goes awry, and he needs to help Boz fight for their lives against a jungle werewolf.

9743-3-14 Inconcenient Tooth Writer: Chase Heinrich Director: Victor Gonzalez October 22, 2012 #3x13
When an evil dentist drills a robotic tooth in Boz's mouth, Boomer must stop him.

POK76o86 The Oogli Stick Writer: Wesley Johnson & Scott Taylor Director: Rich Correll October 29, 2012 #3x14
The Kings are transformed by a curse into ugly, unrecognizable versions of themselves when they turn down two goat sisters who wish to be their dates to a dance.

Pair-of-kings-nov-5 Thumb & Thumber Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: Larry McLean November 5, 2012 #3x15
When Boz sets out to help Boomer make his childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete come true, Boomer believes he's a natural at the dangerous island sport of Thumb War. With a chance to become a pro thumb warrior, Boomer wagers the castle and loses, only to find he's been conned by a Dark Side crook.

Loathepotionno.9 Loathe Potion No. 9 Writer: Lisa Muse Bryant Director: Linda Mendoza November 26, 2012 #3x16
Boomer fears that Mikayla and Boz's budding friendship will blossom into a crush and he'll lose another brother to a Mikayla preoccupation. He gives Boz and Mikayla a Dirt Fairy potion so they'll dislike each other, but the potion is too potent and sends them into mortal combat instead.

POK 43734 Yeti, Set, Snow Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: Robbie Countryman December 3, 2012 #3x17
When Boomer discovers that he and Boz do not have any brotherly memories like he and Brady do, he sets out to recreate a ski-trip from his childhood. But, when Boomer finds that the land he wants to build his resort on is occupied by Yetis, he removes them from the land and attempts to teach them how to be civilized.

POK 1232345 Mysteries of Kinkow Writer: Matt Wickline Director: Sean Mulcahy February 4, 2013 #3x18
Boomer, Boz, Mikayla, Mason, and Lanny watch Candis' show, revealing the mysteries of Kinkow and causing Boz to have doubts about being Co-King. When a temple is discovered, belonging to an ancient evil named Kaita the Bat Rider, Candis is trapped inside, and the entrance is sealed by a force field only the Kings can get through.

MeetTheParent Meet the Parents Writer: Donald Beck Director: Eric Dean Seaton February 11, 2013 #3x19
Boomer goes to Chicago in an effort to convince Rebecca's father to let him see her after he forbids them to be together, while Boz tags along and searches for a safe place to hide the Bat Medallion.

Boz and bommer Long Live The Kings Writer: Dan Cross, Dave Hoge Director: David Kandell February 18, 2013 #3x20
The island of Kinkow seems destined for doom when it's most feared warrior, Kaita the Mummy, returns in its powerful and dangerous human form. Boomer and Boz receive a pep talk from the ghosts of their parents, and engage in a perilous battle with Kaita and his undead army in an attempt to defend their thrones and save their home.


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