Season Two

June 13, 2011 - April 16, 2012

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Season Summary

This marked the second season of Pair of Kings.  It is also King Brady's (Mitchel Musso) last season on the show. The season started with a special event in which Boomer and Brady defeat Zadoc of the dark side, and ends with a clip show reviewing clips from previous episodes.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • James Hong as Elder (3/24)
  • Vincent Pastore as Yamakoshi (2/24)
  • Mikey Post as Sherpa Sqounk (2/24)
  • Brittany Ross as Candis (2/24)
  • Maxie J.Santillan Jr. as Stately Islander (2/24)
  • Michael Bailey Smith as Zadoc (1/24)
  • John Tartaglia as the voice of the Parrot (1/24)
  • Jennifer Elise Cox as Lady Of The Cave (1/24)
  • Derek Anthony as Guard (1/24)
  • Robin Coleman as Hilda (1/24)
  • Debbie Lee Carrington as Squonk Queen (1/24)
  • John O'Hurley as Narrator (1/24)
  • Eve Sigall as Old Hag (1/24)
  • Brian Drolet as Caveman (1/24)
  • Jillian Nelson as Un-gela the Cavegirl (1/24)
  • Kara Pacitto as Queen Hesta (1/24)
  • Katelyn Pacitto as Queen Desta (1/24)
  • John Hartmann as Rockhead (1/24)
  • Noshir Dalal as Jason Makoola (1/24)
  • Jillian Rose Reed as Tessa (1/24)
  • Sinqua Walls as Pierce (1/24)
  • Martin Klebba as Hibachi (1/24)
  • Matt Knudsen as Snowflake (1/24)
  • Sayeed Shahidi as Billy (1/24)
  • Walter Emanuel Jones as Tough Poet (1/24)
  • Doug Tait as Mr. Boogey (1/24)
  • Abbie Cobb as young Ethel (1/24)
  • Emily Wilson as young Gertrude (1/24)
  • Skylar Vallo as Sabrina (1/23)
  • Doug Brochu as Oogie (1/24)
  • Jennifer Stone as Priscilla (1/24)
  • Dwight Howard as Head Chef (1/24)
  • Bobby Ray Shafer as Malakai (1/24)

Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Pair-kings-premiere-june-13 Kings of Legend Writer: David Hoge & Dan Cross Director: Eric Dean Seaton June 13, 2011 #2x01
While trying to prove that they are the Kings of Legend, Boomer and Brady accidentally bring Zadoc, an ancient evil statue, to life, consequently putting the entire island in extreme danger, which brings Mason to believe that he was wrong about the kings being the kings of legend. The twins cede the throne to Lanny for the better of Kinkow and depart on a balloon voyage back to Chicago for good, until Zadoc fires a magical orb at the balloon and sends it and the kings plummeting straight to the Dark side of the island and the kings realize they've made a big mistake.Zadoc's minions capture Lanny and try to squish him with a huge rock. Lanny hands the throne back to Boomer and Brady. Mason goes after Zadoc and sees Boomer and Brady fight and defeat Zadoc and realizes that maybe they are the kings of legend.

Mitchel-musso-brakayla-kings-15 Good King Hunting Writer: David Hoge & Dan Cross Director: Linda Mendoza June 27, 2011 #2x02
Brady finally musters up the courage to ask Mikayla out, by using a note Lanny wrote for him, but he reconsiders and decides to ask her in person; when Brady attempts to retrieve the note, Mikayla mistakenly assumes the note is from Boomer, and he learns that before dating a girl in Kinkow you must be hunted down by her father. During the night while Boomer is getting hunted, Brady tells Mason that he is the one who wants to go out with Mikayla. Mason starts hunting Brady. Brady spits an egg at Mason, knocking him out. In the morning they go back to the Kingdom and Brady asks Mikayla out but she says no, because he humiliated Mason in front of the people of Kinkow.

Pair Of Kings S02E04 Dinner For Squonks Part 1 242 Dinner for Squonks Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: Linda Mendoza July 11, 2011 #2x03
The kings discover Mason, Mikayla and the elders have been running the country's daily operations from their secret underground headquarters called "the Royal Bunker" which is basically a squared-shaped hole under the king's throne. Outraged, the kings insist on making all future decisions, including taking the lead on an important peace meeting with the Squonks, a breed of troll people who keep the island's Mukarat population under control. But when the kings offend the Squonks, the island is quickly over-run with Mukarats. In order to make things right, the Boomer and Brady must endure a forgiveness feast with the Squonk Queen.

Pair-kings-sirocco-taco-01 Kings of Thieves Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: Robbie Countryman July 18, 2011 #2x04
When the Kings' over-the-top spending causes a monetary crisis on Kinkow, Lanny has the islanders pay mandatory donations to the kings. Buying time until they find a better solution to fix the crisis, Brady and Boomer disguise themselves as bandits Sirocco and Sirocco Taco, stealing the kingdom's donations and returning the money to the public. Sirocco becomes an instant hit with the Kinkowians and especially Mikayla. She begins to fall hard for Sirocco but doesn't realize it's Brady. With criminals on the loose, the Kinkowians start to get angry and the kings must find a way to restore the island's fortune, capture the 'criminals' and win back their kingdom's support.

Pair-kings-christmas-story-moment An Ice Girl for Boomer Writer: Lance Crouther Director: Eric Dean Seaton July 25, 2011 #2x05
During a heat wave, Brady and Boomer discover an ice cave in the jungle. With the soaring temperatures, Brady returns to the cave to cool off and discovers a beautiful cave girl who has thawed out and decides to transform her into Boomer's date for the upcoming Luau. But when Boomer's 'girlfriend' Awesome Dawson from Chicago arrives in Kinkow for the Luau, Boomer and Brady must figure out how to get rid of his jealous cave date.

Pair Of Kings S02E07 Pair Of Geniuses Part 1 050 Pair of Geniuses Writer: Lisa Muse Bryant Director: Adam Weissman August 1, 2011 #2x06
Boomer and Brady are flattered when a pair of cute Queens from the neighboring island compliment their latest ridiculous invention and ask them to be the Kings of Sununu. However, the Kings soon realize that the Queens and their kingdom are victims of a dumb-curse. In order to help cure the entire island of stupidity, Boomer and Brady must solve the Statue's riddle. When Brady gets the riddle wrong so the girls could still admire him and Boomer, the Statue puts the dumb-curse on King Brady, forcing Boomer to get help from Mason, Mikayla, and Lanny to solve the riddle by sunset or else they will be dumb-cursed.

Pair Of Kings S02E08 How I Met Your Brother 149 How I Met Your Brother Writer: Donald Beck Director: Joel Zwick August 8, 2011 #2x07
It's Mikayla's birthday and Mason's brother Jason visits, but Mason isn't so welcoming due to an incident when they were kids. When the kings make Jason head guard, Mason quits and drowns his sorrows in eating. But when the Tarantula people try to roast Boomer alive, Jason cowardly runs off and it's up to Brady to convince Mason and his bloated self to come back and save Boomer. When Mason arrives, he and King Brady are captured by tarantula people. The Jason's water scooter falls on two tarantula persons, and Jason falls on other two.

Kelsey-chow-cave-friends-04 The One About Mikayla's Friends Writer: Lisa Muse Bryant Director: Leonard R. Garner, Jr. August 22, 2011 #2x08
When Mikayla’s watchful eye keeps Brady and Boomer from getting into mischief, they host an island-wide search to find Mikayla a friend to keep her busy. The Kings soon regret the set-up when her new friend’s ‘beauty over safety’ mantra, puts all of their lives in danger.

Mitchel-musso-kelsey-chow-do-over-01 Do Over Writer: Chris Atwood Director: David Kendall September 26, 2011 #2x09
Boomer and Brady find an ancient pocket watch that grants them the ability to restart the day as many times as they want without anyone else remembering. Boomer uses the watch to plan a retaliation prank against Mason, while Brady perfects his date with Mikayla. But when the group gets captured by the Tarantula People and the watch goes missing, the kings start to panic and hope they can do-over the day one last time to save themselves.

MikaylaFightingABug Big Mama Waka Writer: Matt Wickline Director: Adam Weissman October 3, 2011 #2x10
Mikayla comes down with a fever and starts to turn into a waka waka bug. So, Boomer and Brady go to the waka hive a try to get the rare medicine to cure her.

MasonVsBrady Sleepless in the Castle Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: Victor Gonzalez October 17, 2011 #2x11
Fed up with Brady's unusual habit of becoming a sleep ninja at night, Boomer impulsively moves out. But when his new landlord Charlotte turns out to be a former tarantula person and transforms Mason into a cold-blooded terminator, Boomer must turn to his brother for help.

PairOfClubs Pair of Clubs Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: Adam Weissman October 24, 2011 #2x12
Boomer opens the teen hotspot of his dreams and hires Brady as his assistant. When Boomer fires him, Brady spitefully opens his own club across the way inside a crypt. When Brady performs a new song for the crowd, the club is overrun by zombies, leaving Boomer to put his differences aside and rescue his brother.

Cheating The Cheat Life of Brady and Boomer Writer: David Hoge & Dan Cross Director: Lenny Garner November 21, 2011 #2x13
Brady and Boomer must endure a King Challenge that tests their smarts, strength and spirits. When Mikayla realizes the boys won’t pass the challenge, she agrees to help them, but the plan goes horribly wrong when Mikayla and Lanny are transformed into Boomer and Brady.

TalkingToLucas The Ex Factor Writer: Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin Director: Robert Countryman November 28, 2011 #2x14
When Mikayla's ex-boyfriend Lucas, a sea raider who broke her heart, refuses to participate in the official Kinkowian Dumping Ritual, the kings track him down and discover that Lucas looks just like Boomer. To help Brady's quest to finally date Mikayla, Boomer impersonates Lucas and pretends to go through the official ceremony, but the plan backfires when Mikayla reveals her true feelings.

Kelsey-chow-mitchel-musso-mistletoe-09 Pair of Santas Writer: Matt Wickline, David Hoge & Dan Cross Director: Linda Mendoza December 5, 2011 #2x15
In an effort to bring their holiday traditions to Kinkow, the kings promise the islanders a Super Christmas and enlist the island elves to make the toys. When the elves revolt, Boomer and Brady must figure out how to save Christmas.

Pair of Kings - 'No Rhyme, No Treason' No Rhyme or Treason Writer: Donald Beck Director: Larry McLean January 23, 2012 #2x16
Mikayla ends her friendship with Brady after his flirting becomes too much to bear. But when Mikayla and Boomer bond over her new hobby, Kinkowian poetry slams, a jealous Brady outlaws poetry and tries to sabotage their blossoming friendship.

Mr boogey shoes pic Mr. Boogey Shoes Writer: John D. Beck & Ron Hart Director: Adam Weissman January 30, 2012 #2x17
Boomer blames Mr. Boogey when a pair of Brady's favorite sneakers is stolen. Everyone on Kinkow including Brady thinks Boomer is lying, except for Mason who has been harboring a big secret.

POK-The.Young.and.the.Restless02 The Young and the Restless Writer: Dave Polsky Director: Linda Mendoza February 6, 2012 #2x18
Brady and Boomer meet 2 girls at their "Meet the Kings" mixer. The girls then trick the kings into activating the Fountain of Youth and turn old. But things get worse when Mason tries to save them, but ends up harming himself as well by turning into an infant. So, it is up to Mikayla to save all 3 of the guys before the kings become too old to live, and before Mason is taken by the old hags.

Kelsey-chow-aerial-duel-pok-10 Crouching Brady, Hidden Boomer Writer: Matt Wickline Director: David Kendall March 19, 2012 #2x19
Brady goes on a date with Sabrina, a cute girl from the Nanju Warrior tribe, and soon realizes that she is Mikayla's biggest rival from Kinkow fight school. Sabrina challenges Mikayla to a duel, but when Mikayla refuses, Sabrina takes Brady prisoner. Mikayla heads to the Nanju forest, known for its magnetic fields, and competes in an aerial duel to save her friend.

Pair-kings-beach-party-01 Beach Party Maggot Massacre Writer: Lisa Muse Bryant Director: Sean Mulcahy March 26, 2012 #2x20
When an advance copy of their high school yearbook arrives, the kings realize they are going to be remembered back in Chicago for throwing the worst party ever. To repair their reputation, Boomer and Brady invite their entire high school class to Kinkow for an epic beach party, but disaster strikes when their classmates are hunted by a giant Kinkow Sand Maggot.

Jennifer-stone-doug-brochu-pok-02 Make Dirt, Not War Writer: Lisa Muse Bryant Director: Victor Gonzalez April 02, 2012 #2x21
The kings learn that their Flaji friend, Oogie, has to hide his relationship with Priscilla, the daughter of the Dirt Fairy Chief, because of their conflicting tribes. To unite the tribes and impress Mikayla, Brady tries to get Oogie to perform a Fairy courtship ritual in front of Priscilla's father. However, things don't go as planned and a mix-up causes Brady to become her boyfriend.

Dwight-howard-pair-kings-chef-02 Cooks Can Be Deceiving Writer: Donald Beck Director: Victor Gonzalez April 09, 2012 #2x22
The head chef quits when the kings insist that he prepare them a steak cake, a new creation they saw on TV prepared by famed celebrity chef Spatula Jones. With the 30 foot ogre about to wake up from his ten year sleep, Boomer and Brady fly in the famous chef to help them. But when Jones turns out to be a fraud with no real culinary skills, the kings must scramble to cook the special goulash, before the Ogre wakes up.

Pair-of-kings-evil-04 The Evil King Writer: Sean Cunningham, Marc Dworkin Director: Linda Mendoza April 16, 2012 #2x23
When two moons appear, the kings meet the ghost of Malakai, the first king of Kinkow, who explains that an evil twin will destroy the island. After interrogating every twin on Kinkow, Boomer and Brady begin to turn on each other. Following Lanny's advice, the kings journey to the Dark Side to Evil King's Castle to sit on the evil throne and learn the truth. The prophecy comes true when the Evil King is revealed, putting Brady under a spell and morphing him into Evil Brady. With Mason and Mikayla in tow, Boomer heads to the Dark Side to save his brother and the island from sinking into the sea.

LetTheClipsShow Let The Clips Show Writer: Eric Lev Director: David Kendall June 16, 2012 #2x24
When The Castle mysteriously explodes, Boomer and Brady are taken to court and forced to relive their most embarrassing and heroic moments through video clips when they try to prove to the jury that they are not guilty of the unlikely event.

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