Tarantula people

Tarantula People are a tribe of Kinkow who can transform into tarantulas to defend themselves. They are the secondary antagonists of the series, and the most recurring villians.


A large part of the culture seems to be cruelty, and barbarianism to others.  However, Rebecca's dad implies that violence was not originally their way, and he and several other tarantula people splintered from their own kind because they were sickened by their people's use of violence.

The tarantula people tie people to boards and put tarantulas on them to torture them. If people demand to be released the tarantula people put them in quicksand. (Return of the Kings) Their greatest desire is to resurrect their mummy, Kaita the Bat-Rider, using the Bat Medallion.

The Bat Medallion also allows whoever holds it to control the Tarantula people. They also can practice dark magic, such as transforming warriors into actual tarantulas to sneak into enemy areas or using a tarantula's bite to take control of a person's mind.

Most of them seem to be warriors, and carry weapons and wear armour. Upon winning, their leader takes the vanquished possessions or teeth as a trophy.

They bury their dead, and mark them with piles of stone.

Also when they defeat a king they take their most precious things, it's either that or punch out all the monarch's teeth and wear them as a necklace. They also all have a lot of armpit hair.


Season 1:

Season 2:

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Known Tarantula People

Known Abilities

  • Hair changing flip
  • Archery
  • Tribal Speak
  • Gymnastic like flexibilty and agilty

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