Before it became Boomer's club.

The Boom Boom Room is Boomer's former club. It appeared in the episode Pair of Clubs.


After Boomer discovered that Kinkow didn't have a hotspot, he decided to recreate his "Club Coat Closet," reviving it as "The Boom Boom Room," and of course, not opening it in a closet. Mikayla took the kings to a former library, believing it would be the perfect location. Boomer liked it, but Brady didn't. Boomer made the club at the library while Brady made another club at a crypt. Boomer and Brady ended up having a 'Gimmick War'. When Brady's club was filled with zombies, Brady led everyone to The Boom Boom Room. After the zombies were destroyed, The Boom Boom Room became the most popular place on Kinkow. (Pair of Clubs)

It was destroyed in the storm that sunk Mindu. To thank Boomer for letting them stay, the Minduians replaced it with a new club that was named The Boomerama. (I Know What You Did Last Sunday)

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