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The Castle is the home of the kings, as well as Mikayla Makoola and Mason Makoola.


Brady and Boomer moved into The Castle after arriving on Kinkow. (Return of the Kings)

The Castle exploded after a parrot dropped a rumble rock into coconut milk. (Let The Clips Show)

After he became king, Boz Parker moved in.(The New King)

After Boomer betted The Castle to Tom Thumb, a Dark side  crook, and lost, he and Boz were kicked out of The Castle. They got it back after Mikayla defeated Tom in a thumb war. (Thumb & Thumber)

Kinkow's head elder, Timothy Kalooka-Khan moved into The Castle after being thrown out by his wife. (Mysteries of Kinkow)

Stone mites infested The Castle after Boomer and Boz tried to build a stone wall to protect the Bat Medallion. Lanny ate a pizza covered in Kinkowan garlic, causing him to give of a stench toxic to stone mites. He fumigated The Castle in exchange for the antidote. (Meet the Parent)


  • Castle Plaza
  • Throne Room
  • The Vault
  • The Kings' Bedroom
  • The Kings' Balcony
  • Mikayla's Room
  • A secret room in The Castle

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