The Evil King
Season 2, Episode 23
Air date April 16, 2012
Written by Sean Cunningham & Marc Dworkin (Part 1) David Hoge & Dan Cross (Part 2)
Directed by Linda Mendoza
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The Evil King is the twenty-third episode of Season 2.


When two moons appear, the kings meet the ghost of Malakai, the first king of Kinkow, who explains that an evil twin will destroy the island. After interrogating every twin on Kinkow, Boomer and Brady begin to turn on each other. Following Lanny's advice, the kings journey to the Dark Side to the Evil King's Castle to sit on the evil throne and learn the truth. The prophecy comes true when the Evil King is revealed (who is Yamakoshi), putting Brady under a spell and morphing him into Evil Brady. With Mason and Mikayla in tow, Boomer heads to the Dark Side to save his brother and the island from sinking into the sea.



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Lanny: New plan.

Brady: Pluck your eyebrows?


Brady:We love Kinkow, and all the lovely ladies on it. And they love us, isn't that right... Mikayla?

Makayla:* laughs * ...Whoah. Uh, I gotta go sharpen my legs, sh-shave my swords, b-bye

Brady: Dude I think I freaked her out!

Boomer: Oh nonsense, Mikayla runs away from you everyday.

  • Brakayla Kiss *

Lanny: Yuegh!!! Ugh! I hope she got her shots!

Brady: Whoah, Mikayla you just- Why did you? And that was a- ...Hey- hey there girl.

Boomer: Well Brady's back to normal...BUT SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH MIKAYLA!

Lanny: He has evil facial hair.

Kalakai: Is it as menacing as your eyebrows?

Lanny: (weepy voice) THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!!




  • Running gags: People keep insulting Lanny's eyebrows, Some people toss aside Candis' cameras.
  • Goof: If you see when someone throws that object at Boomer's shirt at one shot, when Boomer yells "Not my fancy shirt, you animals!" you can see that it's in a different spot
  • Brady and Mikayla had their first kiss at end of part 2 of this episode

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