The Ex Factor
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date November 28, 2011
Written by Sean Cunningham

& Marc Dworkin

Directed by Robert Countryman
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"The Cheat Life of Brady and Boomer"
"Pair of Santas"

The Ex Factor is the fourteenth episode of Season 2.


When Mikayla's ex-boyfriend, Lucas, a sea raider who broke her heart, refuses to participate in the official Kinkowan Dumping Ritual, the kings track him down and discover that Lucas looks just like Boomer. To help Brady's quest to finally date Mikayla, Boomer impersonates Lucas and pretends to go through the official ceremony, but the plan backfires when Mikayla reveals her true feelings.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast


Brady: I can't believe this never came up. We just had our one year anniversary of almost dating!

Mikayla: Why can't I meet a normal guy?!

Mikayla: I'm only doing this to save boomer where is he

Boomer: Hey mikayla sea life




  • Doc Shaw has a dual role. Even though he is a main cast member, he is also credited as a guest star in this episode.
  • The episode's title is a parody of the singing competition show, The X Factor.
  • Boomer's line "Aah! Get it off me!" returns from No Rhyme or Treason.

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