The Trouble With Doubles
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date April 25, 2011
Written by Lisa Muse Bryant
Directed by Eric Dean Seaton
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The Trouble With Doubles is the nineteenth episode of Season 1.


Boomer and Brady discover Vault 14, a secret vault which protects Kinkow's most mysterious and powerful artifacts including Duplicatus Plantus, a plant that copies anything it touches. The kings make clones of themselves and while they go surfing, they send their doubles to the Kalooki Island Peace Summit. Filling in for the brothers, the clones impress Mikayla, the island dignitaries and the other Kinkowians with their intelligence, hygiene, and professionalism. However, when Brady and Boomer overhear the clones' ultimate plan to takeover, the kings must figure out how to get rid of their doubles and take back their kingdom.



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Fake Brady: Mason you're here just in time.

Brady: No, he's the fake, Mason. Get him.

Boomer: Thats right, he's a fake too!

Fake Boomer: Who are you calling a fake, you phony.

Lanny: There is only one way to make sure...Slay them all.

Mikayla: Don't worry, daddy. They fooled me once, but they won't get me again. Guards... * to Brady *Any last words?

Fake Brady: Mikayla, it's me Brady. Don't you know me?

Mikayla: And you?

Brady: You can machete me, but you can never machete our love.

Mikayla: Ugh. Alright it's him, arrest the other one... Boomer, I forgot to tell you that Beyonce called.

Fake Boomer:* scoffs * Nice try, you're lying.

Boomer: Ooh, I knew she'd get my letters. Phone me!

Mikayla: I'm sorry, Daddy, I let my guard down. I just wanted the kings to be normal.

Mason: Normal is gonna take some time, baby.

Boomer: We can hear you!

Mason: We know.


Who is who (Pair of Kings The Trouble With Doubles)

Who is who (Pair of Kings The Trouble With Doubles)




In Boomer's fantasy Mikayla tells him he is her favourite King.

Boomer seems to have a crush on Mikayla in this episode.

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