"The name be Two Peg. For obvious reasons."
- Two Peg introducing himself to Brady and Boomer

Two Peg
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No Beard (son)

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Chris Wylde

First seen

Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou

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Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou


Two Peg was a pirate who ran out of money, and the bank took away his boat. He then got stuck working for a restaurant called The Dead Parrot. He has a son  called No Beard. He tried to steal from the kings, but he and his crew were defeated by Brady, Mikayla and Mason.


Two Peg was once a real pirate captain, but due to times being tough, the bank took his boat, and his crew where forced to open a pirate themed restaurant.

One day, Boomer and Brady went to his restaurant, where he told them about magical wishing coins.

Excited, the kings went to find them, but it turned out to be a trap. He caught Brady and Boomer, as well as Mikayla, Mason and Lanny, who had trailed along to get there own wishes granted. He took Brady back to The Castle, Planning to plunder all the treasure, while his men tied up the guards.

He managed to trick Brady into giving him the code, and happily insulted Brady, calling him "as quick as a turtle swimming in tar". Angry, Brady took a sword, Two Peg drew his cutlass, and the two entered a sword fight. Although Two Peg managed to disarm him, Brady was able to knock him over, and, taking one of his peg legs, continued the fight, Beating two Peg.

He, along with his crew, were sent to the dungeon. (Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou)


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