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The Waka Waka Bug as seen in The Bite Stuff.

The Waka Waka Bug are large grayish-black insects that are like mosques and are villains from Pair of Kings.


They are is an aggressive, flying bug native to the island of Kinkow. Waka Waka Bugs are to attracted by coconut lotion or cheese fingers. The sting of a Waka Waka Bug causes Waka Fever, symptoms of which are Bubble Butt, Elephant Ear, Angry Amnesia, Bug Eyes, Linguini Limbs and finally Pumpkin Head. The only way to reverse Waka Fever is to get stung again. Waka Waka Bugs live in hive and are ruled by a massive queen. Moocoo fever is another disease that a person can get when a Waka Waka bug sneezes on them. The only cure for Moocoo Fever is Waka gel which can only be obtained from the Waka Waka Bug hive. If there is no gel, the victim will go into 100 year sleep and or transform into a Waka Waka Bug.


One of the bugs stung King Brady and he got all the symptoms just when Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bill came to visit and make sure the kings were safe in Kinkow. (The Bite Stuff)

A Waka Waka Bug sneezed on Mikayla and she ending up getting moocoo fever. The kings went to the hive and faced off against the Queen of the Waka Waka Bugs to get the jelly needed to cure Mikayla before she went into a 100 year sleep and transform into a Waka Waka Bug. (Big Mama Waka)


Waka Fever

Waka Fever is not fatal and has a cure, you need to get stung again. The symptoms caused by a sting are:

1. Bubble Butt - An enlarged butt

2. Elephant Ear - A large ear with sensitive hearing

3. Angry Amnesia - Not remembering anything as well as being mad

4. Bug Eyes - large, bulging eyeballs

5. Linguini Limbs - Not being able to feel your limbs

6. Pumpkin Head - an oversized head that greatly resembles a pumpkin

The only cure to these symptoms is to be stung again.

Moocoo Fever

Moocoo fever make you unable to adjust your body temperature, in a rare case of this rare illness, the person who has it may have his or her's body parts morph into parts of a Waka bug. The only cure is if you drink some gel from the Waka Waka Queen if someone is in disguise and do the right dance to get the gel. If you dance the wrong moves, the Queen will bite the person's head off. When cured, the symptoms in the rare case of this illness, will go away in about a few days. If not cured, the person shall go in a 100 year sleep.


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